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Caleb Kane : For the fans
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From Calebs messageboard

"What does music mean to me? It means there's an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings in a way that feels most natural to me.
What message am I trying to send? Take all the time in the world you need to figure out who you truly are and don't be afraid to question yourself in the process. But once you're relatively sure you have, don't let anyone else's considerations sway you. They're wrong. You're right. Period." - Caleb Kane

Are you a fan of Caleb Kane? Then this is the community to join!


*Please respect the man, this is a FAN community so no nastiness or it will be deleted and so will you!

*The above guideline also goes for nastiness about other members of the community, if you see something you don't like, bitchiness about Caleb for example, then report it to me and I will deal with it, you don't need to sink to their level.

*Feel free to post anything from tour dates, news, pictures, art, avatars, lyrics, videos, quotes, stories...etc.

*Try to stay on topic in your posts please.


If you need/want to talk to a mod or have any questions then either email or drop into my journal: roissy0.

Guidelines shamelessly stolen from common_rotation